Mean Louie’s story starts when 3 friends were fresh out of college and weren’t sure what to do with their lives. Their solution? To road-trip across the Mediterranean Sea. What started as a road trip sparked a new imaginary buddy for life Mean Louie. Back home their small company got its start in the wake of the summer in 2015.  With all their available resources they were lucky bringing Mean Louie alive and share their vision of a handmade, small-batch gin with everybody. As a consequence the first gin, Mean Louie’s Gin Mediterranean, was launched. Mean Louie crafts and bottles his Gin in West-Flanders, Belgium. Since then, the company has been built around this guiding principle, remaining proudly independent and purposely small.



Unlike mass-produced factory gins, Mean Louie does everything by hand. It takes more time and effort, but Mean Louie believes you can taste it in your very first sip. All juniper and botanicals are infused into a neutral premium spirit, which is a modern interpretation of the bathtub gins that were so common during America’s prohibition era a century ago. The base spirit is locally made of 100% grain. Next are all competing botanicals infused in the premium base spirit. In other words, the production method clearly differentiates itself compared to a distilled gin but results in good quality as well. Mean Louie takes his time to do it right and believes he can present you notable gins as well! Each batch yields 50 bottles of gin and its process takes between 7 to 10 days.

Mean Louie’s gins are also good enough to drink on its own and he’s very proud of that. Suits perfect with an aromatic or neutral tonic. The color itself is slightly golden hue, almost that of a Champagne after adding a tonic, largely owing to the botanical infusion.


Mean Louie’s uses mainly fresh citrus peels & herbs and hand-cracked juniper & coriander seed. By hand-cutting the citrus fruit & herbs, and releasing the essential flavors of the juniper berries and coriander seed, a more vibrant gin arises. Mean Louie loves pure and fresh herbal aromas, the taste of smooth finished juniper and some subtle tannins of citrus influence.  

Fresh herbs can take a gin from good to great. In this regard Mean Louie gently appeals to his best friend Fiston and relies on his undeniable experience in the world of fresh herbs. Fiston is created by Kruiden Claus, a well-recognized family owned herb business since 1900 in Belgium. Inspired by their friendship they have launched early 2019 a collection of single herb gins. A range of premium infused spirits using one solely fresh herb next to juniper and coriander seed.

At the end of the day, Mean Louie wants to help people drink better. By making the best gin he can, he hopes people will use it to create their own special moments.  

Cheers to you all!

Mean Louie

By friends, for friends and their friends.