Wait, what? I can support a guide dog school by drinking gin? It's true! Mean Louie’s Gin is supporting “Vrienden der Blinden” by donating € 0,50 from every bottle sold. Raise a glass and raise some cash for charity at the same time!

Charity and Mean Louie’s Gin. As combinations go, it’s not an obvious one. But Mean Louie’s Gin is more than just the obvious choice. In fact, the idea to make a Mediterranean-inspired gin encompassed more than just sourcing botanicals. The strategy of this charity project is to get more people involved than just creating a gin & tonic moment. Deciding to donate to charity is easy. It's choosing which charity to support that’s the hard part. Our final choice was heavily influenced by our love for dogs and the ability for everybody to enjoy every sense in life. 

From the very first bottle sold in April 2015, Mean Louie’s Gin has been giving € 0,50 to “Vrienden der Blinden”. With the funds, Mean Louie’s Gin has been supporting the guide dog school, contributing to the training program of the dogs, dog food & healthcare equipment and infrastructure.