By joining two passions, the love of running and the taste of gin, Mean Louie’s Running Team was born in 2016. Sports and alcohol don’t get along very well indeed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy both.

Join Mean Louie’s Running Team on a free run after a long day at the office. You can join occasionally or always and become a full-time member. The team also participates at organized events such marathons, trail runs or local runs. If you really want to become a Mean Louie ambassador then you should buy the one and only Mean Louie’s running shirt!

To everyone who goes out and kill those kilometers, you all deserve a good treat afterwards.

Run and drink responsibly!

Mean Louie’s Running Team participated already at following events:


Crêtes de Spa (BE) - 32,0 km
North C-Trail (BE) - 20,0 km
Trail des Fantômes (BE) - 18,0 km


Trail du Barrage (BE) - 28,0 km
La Champenoise (FR) - 18,0 km
Rotterdam Marathon (NL) - 42,1 km
North-C Trail (BE) - 30,0 km


Beatrun (BE) - 10,0 km
​​​​​​​Brussels Marathon - 21,0 km
La Champenoise (FR) - 18,0 km
Zwalmmarathon (BE) - 42,1 km
North-C Trail (BE) - 30,0 km
Malta Marathon (MAL) - 42,1 km


Marathon Eindhoven (NL) - 42,1 km
Brussels Marathon (BE) - 21,0 km